of Len and Helene
Australia:  December 29, 2001-January 23, 2002
Melbourne and Sydney and environs; Uluru ("Ayer's Rock);
The Great Barier Reef)
Midwest Trip -- June-July, 2004
Part I -- Missouri portion is posted!        ENTER
Hawaii: December 2x, 2000-January xx, 2001
Europe: July xx, 2000-August xx, 2000
Helene, Len & Ron Edwards: Italy andGermany;
Sacco & Vanzetti locations.
Colorado: August xx, 2001-August xx, 2001
Helene visits her son, Ben, in Central City
Italy: September 20-30, 2002 (Helene & her sister, Cynthia)
THE OTHER TRIPS WILL TAKE A WHILE.... The MidWest photos were all digital.
Istanbul - July 2, 2006                ENTER

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