High-Quality Entertainers
Helene Williams
Leonard Lehrman
High-Quality Entertainers
XV.  Songs of Love & War
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I. Emma Goldman

II. Jewish Music

III. Rosenberg Memorials

IV. Elie Siegmeister
& Martin Luther King

V. Marc Blitzstein
& Leonard Bernstein

VI. Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger

VII. Naturist Perfs

VIII. Lehrman Oratorios, Operas,
Song Cycles, Translations

IX. Long Island
Composers Alliance

X. Mozart, Schubert,
Schumann, Brahms, Debussy

XI. Composers Concordance

XII. Heine & Pushkin

XIII. By & About Women

XIV. Nadia Boulanger

XV. Songs of Love & War

XVI. Court Street Music

XVII. Miscellaneous

XVa)  Songs of Love & War - full program
with Helene Williams, Gregory Mercer & Leonard Lehrman
featuring the world premieres of Lehrman's settings of
Euripides' "What Is God?: An End to War"
and William Blake's "America: A Prophecy"
also excerpts from Elie Siegmeister's The Mermaid in Lock No. 7

1. SUN. JAN. 21, 2007 2:30 PM
at Jericho Public Library, 1 Merry Lane, Jericho; FREE* Info: 516-935-6790

2. SUN. FEB. 4, 2007 2:30 PM
at Bryant Library, 2 Paper Mill Rd., Roslyn; FREE* Info: 516-621-2240

XVb)  Songs of Love & War - half program
SAT. FEB. 17, 2007 8:00 PM
at People's Voice Cafe, 45 E. 33 St., Manhattan
minus the Blake but plus "If I Can't Dance, It's Not My Revolution" from E.G.
Donations Requested: $12  ($9 members); Info: 718-309-1186
also on program: multi-genre singer-songwriter Bruce Markow

*This program was made possible in part
with public funds from the N.Y. State Council
on the Arts Decentralization Program, administered
by the L.I. Arts Council at Freeport.
Contact us
ljlehrman@nassaulibrary.org or
(516) 825-2939
*co-sponsored by Meet The Composer
*co-sponsored by Meet The Composer
*co-sponsored by Meet The Composer