High-Quality Entertainers
Helene Williams
Leonard Lehrman
High-Quality Entertainers
XV.  Songs of Love & War
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I. Emma Goldman

II. Jewish Music 

III. Rosenberg Memorials

IV. Elie Siegmeister 
& Martin Luther King

V. Marc Blitzstein 
& Leonard Bernstein

VI. Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger

VII. Naturist Perfs

VIII. Lehrman Oratorios, Operas, 
Song Cycles, Translations

IX. Long Island 
Composers Alliance

X. Mozart, Schubert,
Schumann, Brahms, Debussy

XI. Composers Concordance 

XII. Heine & Pushkin

XIII. By & About Women

XIV. Nadia Boulanger

XV. Songs of Love & War

XVI. Court Street Music

XVII. Miscellaneous

XVa)  Songs of Love & War - full program
with Helene Williams, Gregory Mercer & Leonard Lehrman
featuring the world premieres of Lehrman's settings of 
Euripides' "What Is God?: An End to War" 
and William Blake's "America: A Prophecy"
also excerpts from Elie Siegmeister's The Mermaid in Lock No. 7

1. SUN. JAN. 21, 2007 2:30 PM
at Jericho Public Library, 1 Merry Lane, Jericho; FREE* Info: 516-935-6790

2. SUN. FEB. 4, 2007 2:30 PM
at Bryant Library, 2 Paper Mill Rd., Roslyn; FREE* Info: 516-621-2240

XVb)  Songs of Love & War - half program
SAT. FEB. 17, 2007 8:00 PM
at People's Voice Cafe, 45 E. 33 St., Manhattan
minus the Blake but plus "If I Can't Dance, It's Not My Revolution" from E.G.
Donations Requested: $12  ($9 members); Info: 718-309-1186
also on program: multi-genre singer-songwriter Bruce Markow 

XVc) Songs of Love & Social Consciousness, honoring centenary of Martha Schlamme (2023)
1 Feb. 17 Sunsport
2 Mar. 1 Plattduetsch Home Franklin Square
3 Mar. 25 Puffin Cultural Forum, w/Belle Linda Halpern & Solidarity Singers
4 July 30** Pagan-Fletcher House, Valley Stream w/VS Historical Society
5 Aug. 20** LJL B'day @Court Street Music on Zoom w/VS Historical Society
6 Sep. 23 People's Voice Cafe, Judson Mem Church, w/Belle Linda Halpern, Ron Roy, Solidarity Singers 

*This program was made possible in part                                **Made possible in part with public funds
with public funds from the N.Y. State Council                         from State Regrant Program of NYSCA, 
on the Arts Decentralization Program, administered                NYS Legislature & Governor's Office, 
by the L.I. Arts Council at Freeport.                                         administered by Huntington Arts Council.
Contact us:  
or helenespierman@gmail.com
(516) 825-2939
*co-sponsored by Meet The Composer
*co-sponsored by Meet The Composer
*co-sponsored by Meet The Composer