High-Quality Entertainers
Helene Williams
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High-Quality Entertainers
VIII.  Lehrman Oratorios, Operas, Song Cycles, Translations
[see also Vf & Vg]
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I. Emma Goldman

II. Jewish Music 

III. Rosenberg Memorials

IV. Elie Siegmeister 
& Martin Luther King

V. Marc Blitzstein 
& Leonard Bernstein

VI. Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger

VII. Naturist Perfs

VIII. Lehrman Oratorios, Operas,
Song Cycles, Translations

IX. Long Island 
Composers Alliance

X. Mozart, Schubert,
Schumann, Brahms, Debussy

XI. Composers Concordance 

XII. Heine & Pushkin

XIII. By & About Women

XIV. Nadia Boulanger

XV. Songs of Love & War

XVI. Court Street Music

XVII. Miscellaneous


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VIII a) Jewish Voices in Germany - see IIa & IIh1

VIII b) Sisters (i. Lot's Wife; ii. Miriam; iii. Zelophehad's Daughters)
1 National Council of Women, Time-Life Bldg Reception (w/Womansong) 6/12/89
2 Weill (Carnegie) Recital Hall, Ezrath Nashim Benefit 6/14/89 (w/Womansong) [see IIc19]
3 Leonard Lehrman 40th Birthday Concert, Temple Sinai, Roslyn 8/20/89 
   (w/Womansong & Cadmon Hill-Clinton Dance Choir)
4 Downtown Music Concert (Mimi Stern-Wolfe, Dir.) Emanu-El Midtown Y 3/4/90 [i only]
5 Merkin Hall, NYC 6/23/91(w/Wendy Osserman Dance Co.) [iii only] [see IIIb1]
[iii also often sung as part of IIc & IIe
6 Golden Fleece Square One, NYC 12/98
7 Temple Judea, Manhasset  [iii only] 4/3/03
8 Trinity Church, Roslyn [i & iii only] 5/2/19

VIII c) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights  by Leonard Lehrman  10/24/89
    United Nations Assn - w/Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus Solo Quartet 
   [also sung by Christ Church Babylon Choir, 10/24/04]  

VIII d) A Requiem for Hiroshima  by Leonard Lehrman, words by Lee Baxandall 
1 world prem. by Voices Saintpaulia, MPC Solo Quartet & Inoue Chamber Ens
at Riverside Church, NYC 8/5/90; also broadcast by WQXR & WBAI
2 MPC at Malverne Community Presbyterian Church 9/3/95*

VIII e) Superspy!: The Secret  Musical (See also VIc , VIf.)
1 Tom O'Horgan's "Contrasts" Concert Series, NYC 3/6/88 (exc.)
2 U.S. Peace Committee - Paris, France 7/7/89 (complete- premiere)
3 Nassau County Community College, Garden City NY*  2/22/90
4 Community Church of Boston  2/25/90
5 Chelsea Center, East Norwich NY* 10/20/90
6-7 Center for Contemporary Opera, NYC*  Nov. 1, 17-18, 1990
8-10 Medicine Show 2/7, 15 & 23/14

VIII f) New World: An Opera About What Columbus Did to the "Indians"
Complete Performances: 
1-2 Lincoln Center Library (After Dinner Opera Company) & WQXR  10/12/91*
3 Temple Sinai, Roslyn NY 8/10/92 (w/MPC) [open dress rehearsal]
4 LICA & Huntington Arts Council, Heckscher Park 8/11/92 (staged world prem.)*
5 Donnell Library, N.Y. City 2/9/93* [Helene sang Queen Isabella & Taino Woman]
1 Golden Fleece Ltd. Square One Series 3/31/90
2 WBAI 10/14/91
3 Haus der Kirche, Berlin 9/1/92
4 Dresden Center for Contemporary Music 9/5/92
5-8 First, 2nd, 3rd & 4th International Naturist Opera Workshop 7/89, 90 , 92, 94
Domaine Naturiste de Bélézy, Bédoin, France

VIII g) The Roundheads & the Pointedheads by Bertolt Brecht & Hanns Eisler, 
songs tr. by Leonard Lehrman; adaptation by him & Bill Castleman, with Helene as Nana
1 Westpark Presbyterian Church 9/26/98
2 Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck NJ 1/13/19
3 Community Church NYC Hall of Worship 1/20/19
4 Long Beach Public Library, 1/26/19

VIII h) The Bourgeois Poet (on 8 poems by Karl Shapiro)
1 LICA (Lehrman semi-centennial) at Bryant Library 8/20/99
2 Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne  1/5/02

VIII i) An Australian Odyssey (on 18 poems by 14 Australian poets)
1 Bryant Library, Roslyn NY 12/2/01 (complete)
2-4  3 Australian radio interviews, w/excerpts: 
3CR with John Gunn, 12/30/01; 3AK with Brett de Hoedt, 12/30/01; 
MBS-FM with Susan Batten, 1/5/02 
5 Theodore Herzl Club, Melbourne (excerpt) 12/31/01 
6 Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne  1/5/02 (complete)
7 Club Hakoah, Bondi, Sydney 1/9/02 (excerpts)
8 Sydney Naturally 1/19/02  (excerpts) (+Naked Verses) [see also VIIc]
9 Vox Novus and Remarkable Theatre Brigade, 
Jan Hus Playhouse (2 excerpts) 4/27/08
10 Court Street Music Recital (1 excerpt) 6/27/10

VIII j) The Wooing  -- Opera in One Act (libretto by Abel Meeropol, after Chekhov's The Boor)  
1 Great Neck House 2/9/03
2 Queens College 2/23/03 
recorded on Original Cast CD #6055 [see IIIc1-2; Recordings, 11]
3 Syosset Library 11/10/12
4 Freeport Library 11/17/12
5 Bethpage Library 12/2/12

VIII k) America: A Prophecy (William Blake)
 and What Is God?: An End to War (ode from Euripides' Helen)
Premiere:  Songs of Love & War  (w/Gregory Mercer)
1 Jericho Library 1/21/07
2  Bryant Library 2/4/07 

VIII l) Alger Opera in Progress, with Kim Rich
excerpts performed:
1 Tamiment Library, NYU 6/13/07 
2 Tamiment Library, NYU  6/19/08
3 Tamiment Library, NYU 6/18/09
4 Local 802, w/Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus 6/17/10

VIIl m) Long Island Songs of Seasoned Women
Set to poems by:  Patti Tana, Sally Ann Drucker, Susan Astor, Marcia McNair, 
Lynn Green, Lorraine Mund, Pat Falk, Margaret Dinzler Shaw, Muriel Lilker.
Premiere: Court Street Music Student Recital, 6/7/08
Sung by Helene Williams and IJ Merenini
2 excerpts sung by Helene & IJ: Court Street Music 
House Concert/Student Recital 6/27/10 (See XVI)

VIII n) Halifax Summer Opera Workshop 
American Arias Master Class 7/26/12 & Recital 7/28/12
focusing on Blitzstein, Siegmeister & Lehrman

VIII o) Hannah - 3-act anti-war feminist Chanukah opera; US premiere
1 Malverne Community Presbyterian Church 12/9/14
2 Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, NYC 12/23/14

VIII p) Rusalka 3-act opera by Alexander Dargomyzhsky, tr. Emily & Leonard Lehrman
English-language premiere, with Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus
and Helene in title role, Queens College, 11/22/15
Excerpts in "Songs of Conscience" concerts 10/19/15 Freeport, 11/1/15 Bryant Libraries

VIII q) The Triangle Fire 1-act opera, libretto by Ellen Frankel
1 American Labor Museum, Haledon NJ 9/4/16
2 Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck NJ 9/11/16
3 Long Beach Public Library3/5/19
4 Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck NJ 3/12/19
5 HBO, Manhattan 3/23/19
6 NYU 3/25/19
Excerpt at Lotus Club Music Table Talk, 10/13/16

VIII r) A Loveletter from Rosa Luxemburg 1-act opera, libretto by the composer
1 Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck NJ 1/13/19
2 Community Church of NY Assembly Hall 1/15/19
3 Community of Church of NY Hall of Worship 1/20/19
4 Long Beach Public Library 1/26/19
[Also performed in Germany by Kathryn Wieckhorst; Hamburg 2/9/19, Lueneberg 10/10/10]

VIII s) BETSY, song cycle on words by Jim Lehrman, in memory of Betsy Lehrman
1 June 27, 2023 prem., Court St. Music Zoom Concert

VIII t) Labyrinth of Love, 8-song cycle on poems by Louis Untermeyer for 2-3 voices & viola
1 July 30, 2023 prem. w/Daniel Hyman, Pagan-Fletcher House, VS Historical Society
(also including Margaret Dinzler Shaw song)

   Leonard, Helene, Lynn Green, Marcia McNair, Muriel Lilker, IJ.