IVa) John Reed Centenary 10/87 Harvard Club (NYC) & Adams House, Harvard U. w/Corliss Lamont
Premiere of Siegmeister's song "John Reed" & Lehrman's "Letter to Louise [Bryant]"

IVb) Pomoja Int'l Cultural Exchange/Metropolitan Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Concert, 
Rutgers Presbyterian Church, NYC afternoon 3/6/88   (incl. Siegmeister, Lehrman)
+evening 3/6/88 "Contrasts" chez Tom O'Horgan  

IVc) Martin Luther King & Elie Siegmeister Birthday Concerts  
(See also IVk) Elie Siegmeister Centennial)
1 Harlem School of the Arts, NYC 1/15/89* w/William Warfield, Ronald Edwards, André Solomon-Glover 
and the Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus
Manhattan premiere of I Have A Dream, world premiere (by Helene) of "Lonely Star"
broadcast over WQXR 1/16/89, WBAI 1/15/90  videotape at Library of Congress
2 LICA at Malverne Community Presbyterian Church* 1/16/94 
3 LICA at Hofstra 1/17/99 (w/Alan Mandel et al*)
4 Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus + Christ Church Babylon & Temple Isaiah Choirs
(also celebrating Lincoln & Mozart) at Long Beach Library 1/15/06
5 #4 repeated at Great Neck House 2/26/06 (postponed from 2/12/06)
6 Finale of  I Have A Dream w/Charles Samuel Brown, Michael Niemann +"Park Bench" 
           and the Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus, Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck NJ 1/13/19
7 #6 repeated at Community Church of NY 1/20/19
8 #6 repeated at Long Beach Public Library 1/26/19

IVd) Armenian Relief Concert 1/30/89 (w/Morton Gould, Leo Kraft, Elie Siegmeister, Judith Zaimont)
Great Neck Library; Helene & Leonard performed music of Weisgall, Slonimsky

IVe) People's Music Network Songs of Freedom & Struggle, Workshop: The Composers Collective - 
(Pete Seeger, Elie Siegmeister, Herbert Haufrecht, Mordecai Bauman) Camp Thoreau 6/3/89
broadcast on WBAI 10/16/89

IVf) Elie Siegmeister (Memorial) Concerts (See also IVk) Elie Siegmeister Centennial)
1 Chelsea Center, Long Island Composers Alliance 6/1/91 [IX2]
2 N.Y. Ethical Culture Society (with Alan Mandel, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick et al) 6/3/91 
3 WBAI (w/Ronald Edwards) 6/12/91 
4 Hofstra University (w/Ronald Edwards) 3/21/92 
5 National Opera Association Convention, New Yorker Hotel (w/Ronald Edwards) 1/8/99 
6 WBAI (opera program) (w/Ronald Edwards) 1/10/99 
7 Langston Hughes Centennial (20 Siegmeister songs, 1 Lehrman) Queens College 4/14/02 
(w/Gregory Rahming & Diana Solomon-Glover)
8 #7 repeated at Langston Hughes Library, Queens Borough Public Library  10/20/02     
(See also IIa, XVIc, XVIf, XVIgRecordings 7-9 & 11)     

IVg) Songs of Love & War - incl. excerpts from Elie Siegmeister's The Mermaid in Lock No. 7
1 Jericho Public Library 1/21/07
2 Bryant Library 2/4/07
3 People's Voice Cafe, Manhattan 2/17/07

IVh) Presentation (on The Mermaid in Lock No. 7 and The Wizard of Altoona) 
by Leonard as part of the Bibliography Roundtable at the Music Library Association Convention
3/2/07 12:30-1:00 PM Hilton Towers Hotel in Pittsburgh

IVi) world premiere of Siegmeister's song "Lincoln in Springfield"
Program also incl. "Nancy Hanks," "Anne Rutledge," and "Strange Funeral in Braddock"  
+Leonard's  "The Vision of Chief Seathl"and his "Kererte A Ti" sung by Bill George & Sylvie Jensen
1 Vertical Player Repertory, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn 3/4/07
2 program repeated at St. Peter's, Citicorp, Manhattan 3/6/07

IVj) Nina Gordon, Henry Foner, Helene & Leonard perform Siegmeister's Rapp-Coudert: A Loving Round
at Morris U. Schappes Centenary Celebration
1 Queens College, Choral Rm, Aaron Copland School of Music, 5/6/07
2 Tamiment Library, NYU 5/10/07

IVk) Elie Siegmeister Centennial Performances with Helene & Leonard
1 BargeMusic: voice & piano recital; music by Elie Siegmeister & his students 1/02/09
2 Great Neck House  voice & piano recital 1/4/09 
3 National Opera Association convention, Key Bridge Marriott Hotel, Arlington VA
w/Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios, Jerome Barry, George Shirley, Alan Mandel  1/10/09
4  Great Neck Library choral & solo vocal concert; incl. I Have A Dream cantata 
w/Ivan Thomas, Lars Woodul,  Helene & Metropolitan 
Philharmonic Chorus; Leonard Lehrman, cond.; John Craven, piano 1/11/09
5 Massapequa Library (Bar Harbor) American Chamber Ensemble  woodwind music - 
Naomi Drucker et al - plus Helene & Leonard  1/15/09
6 United Methodist Church of Huntington/Cold Spring Harbor  choral & solo vocal concert, 
incl. I Have A Dream cantata, w/Ivan Thomas, Lars Woodul,  & Helene;
Leonard Lehrman, cond.; John Craven, piano  1/19/09 
7 Bethpage Public Library  voice & piano recital 1/22/09 
8 Downtown Music Productions: repeat of I Have A Dream cantata
w/Ivan Thomas, Lars Woodul, Linda Thompson-Williams, Helene 
& Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus; Leonard Lehrman, cond.; John Craven, piano
at St. Marks-in-the-Bowery, Manhattan   1/25/09
9 Art Scene on Long Island, Shirley Romaine interviews Helene & Leonard, 
Great Neck Ch. 73 2/11/10 5pm, 2/15/10 5:#0pm, 3/4/10 5pm, 37/10 5:30pm
Woodbury Ch. 18 2/17/10 11am, 3/10/10 11am
10 Gault Recital Hall, Scheide Music Center, College of Wooster, OH
voice & piano recital + chorus, honoring Lincoln's Birthday  2/12/10
11 Brooklyn College voice & piano lecture-recital   2/17/09  
12 Syosset Public Library voice & piano recital  3/8/09  
13 Long Island Arts Council at Freeport Nassau Grants for the Arts Awards Reception
Two Songs of the City
14 Society for American Music voice & piano lecture-recital, Marriott Hotel, Denver, CO
15 Hofstra Celebrates Elie Siegmeister, Monroe Auditorium: Donna Balson, Chandler Carter, 
Herbert Deutsch, Nancy Deutsch, Naomi Drucker, Tammy Hensrud, Gregory Mercer, 
Helene, Leonard, Robert Spiotto narrates Dick Whittington & His Cat   3/29/09
16  Queens College (Choral Room) solo vocal & piano music by Siegmeister & his students 4/19/09
17 NCRRC at Tamiment Library, incl. John Reed 
18 Court Street Music Recital, vocal & piano music by Siegmeister performed by our students 6/27/09
19 Eastern Canadian Naturist Festival, Bare Oaks, Ontario, featuring songs of Siegmeister 8/6/09
20 Northeast Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia NY, featuring songs of Siegmeister 8/8/09
21 NY Green Fest, Alfred Univ., Alfred NY, featuring songs of Siegmeister 8/9/09
22-23 Charles Osborne & Leonard Lehrman 60th Birthday Concerts, incl. Ballad of Adam & Eve
Jewish Felllowship of Hemlocki Farms, Lords Valley PA 8/16/09; Bryant Library, Roslyn NY 8/20/09;
the latter telecast, Woodbury Ch. 20 12/3/09 & 12/10/09
24  NYU music by Elie Siegmeister & his students; Helene, Leonard, Michael Beckerman  10/28/09
25 Connetquot Library, Bohemia NY Helene, Leonard, Herbert Deutsch, Robert Spiotto
Dick Whittington & His Cat  12/6/09; telecast Woodbury Ch. 20 1/28/10, 2/4/10

IVl) Halifax Summer Opera Workshop 
American Arias Master Class 7/26/12 & Recital 7/28/12
focusing on Blitzstein, Siegmeister & Lehrman

IVm) Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus Concerts, incl. Siegmeister Lincoln Settings
1 Lincoln Poetry & Music, LICA, LIU-Post 4/27/13
2 Great Neck Composers, Great Neck Library 5/5/13
See also IVc; IVk 4, 6 & 8

IVn) 110th Birthday Concert  Community Church of NY 1/15/19
incl. "Park Bench," "Strange Funeral in Braddock" and 3 Lorca Elegies (Michael Niemann) 

Helene & Leonard have recorded the following works by Elie Siegmeister on CD:
1-2 Lonely Star and Chalk Marks on the Sidewalk (Langston Hughes) 
  on Helene Williams sings Songs of Love Capstone CPS 8647
3-5 Must There Be a Reason? (Edward Mabley; from The Mermaid in Lock No. 7); 
  Anne Rutledge (Leo Israel, aka Leo Daniels); Yes, No, or Maybe (Langston Hughes)_
  on Helene Williams sings More Songs of Love Capstone CPS 8667
6 Festive March (piano solo) 
  on Leonard Lehrman performs Solo Piano Works Capstone CPS 8661
and on The Abel Meeropol Centennial Concert Original Cast Records OC 6055:
7-14  John Reed; The Lollypop; The Wind (Tara Venditti); 
  Autumn in My Heart (Gregory Mercer); The Moon (Venditti & Mercer);
  The Snowman (Gregory Rahming); 
  and from Darling Corie: I Want a Red Dress and Love Duet (with Rahming)

2008:  The Elie Siegmeister Centennial CD -- with Lars Woodul, Helene & Leonard, and the Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus.  Original Cast CD - OC6235; available from the Prof. Edgar H. Lehrman Memorial Foundation - click here for information.

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High-Quality Entertainers
IV.  Elie Siegmeister and Martin Luther King
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