VIIa. La Domaine Naturiste de Bélézy - Bédoin, France
1-5  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th International Naturist Opera Workshops 7/89,'90,'92,'94, '96

VIIb. Concerts & Plays at Eastern (U.S.) Naturist Gatherings, Festivals & Resorts
1-2 6/92 Barely Proper, Pocono Picnic Co. (PA) & 7/92 WBAI (NY)
3 Potpourri, The Phoenix, Greenwich NY 8/21/93 
4 Cabaret, Cypress Cove, Kissimmee FL 1/9/94 
Stark, Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/94 
Stark and Adam & Lilith & Eve, Bucksteep Manor, Washington MA 6/24/95 
The Creation & Other Pieces, Camp Ramblewood, Darlington, MD 7/5/97 
The Faun in the Forest, Eastover, Lenox MA 6/24/98 
9 Potpourri, Eastover, Lenox MA 6/24/99  
10 Tom Lehrer Song Festival, Eastover, Lenox MA 6/21/00 
11 The Booby Trap and Naked Verses, Eastover, Lenox MA 8/23/01 
12-13 excerpts from The Booby Trap 5/01 Golden Fleece, NYC; Empire Haven 8/11/05
14 Naked Klezmer, incl. Jewish Haiku, Eastover, Lenox MA 8/22/02 
15 Nude Year's Eve Cabaret, Sunsport, Loxahatchee FL 12/31/02 
16-18 Songs for Naturists,  Northeast Naturist Festival, 
Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/8/03, 8/6/04, 8/11/05 
19-21 Naturist Cabaret, Sunsport, 1/9/04, 1/21/05, 10/28/05
22-23 Naturist Songs "en franglais"
   Northeast Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/11/06
   Eastern Canadian Naturist Festival, La Pommerie, Québec 8/18/06
24 An Autumn Naturist Cabaret, Sunsport Gardens, Loxahatchee, FL 10/27/06
25-26  Naturist Songs "en franglais" II
   Northeast Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/10/07
   Eastern Canadian Naturist Festival, La Pommerie, Québec 8/07
27 Celebrating 2 Nudecades of Great Performances, NENF, empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/8/08
28 Carried Away - In the Nude, Sunsport Gardens, Loxahatchee, FL 2/28/09
29-30  Naturist Songs "en franglais" III, honoring Siegmeister Centennial & memory of Lee Baxandall 
   Eastern Canadian Naturist Festival, Bare Oaks, Ontario 8/6/09
   Northeast Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/8/09
31 First Day of Spring Cabaret,  Sunsport Gardens, Loxahatchee, FL 3/20/10
32 Return to Eastern Naturist Gathering, Camp Westmont, Poyntelle, PA 6/19/10
33 Summer Cabaret, NENF Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/6/10
34 Bare Oaks Barely Proper  8/3/11
35 NENF Empire Haven Protest Songs 8/5/11
36 Sunsport Spring Cabaret 3/23/12
37 Eastern Canadian Naturist Festival, La Pommerie, Québec 8/1/12
38 NENF Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/3/12
39 Sunsport Naturist Cabaret 3/8/13
40 NENF Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/1/13
41 Sunsport Naturist Cabaret 3/7/14
42 NENF Empire Haven, Moravia NY 7/31/14
43 Midwinter Festival, Sunsport Naturist Cabaret 2/15/15
44 NENF Empire Haven, Moravia NY 7/30/15
45 Midwinter Festival, Sunsport Naturist Valentine's Day Cabaret 2/14/16
46 Russian Jewish Naturist CaBAREt, NENF Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/5/16
47 NENF Empire Haven, Moravia NY 8/3/17
48 Bernstein at Sunsport Midwinter Festival 2/18/18
49 Bernstein at Empire Haven 8/2/18
50 Midwinter Festival, Sunsport Naturist Cabaret 2/15/19
51 NENF Empire Haven 8/2/19
52 Midwinter Festival, Sunsport Naturist Valentine's Day CaBAREt 2/14/20
53 Midwinter Festival, Sunsport Naturist Valentine's Day CaBAREt 2/14/21 Zoom+Live DTA
54-55 DTA @Center for the Arts in Homer 8/14/21 (Restricted), 8/15/21 (Unrestricted)
56 DTA @Solair, Woodstock CT 8/19/21
57 Midwinter Festival, Sunsport Naturist CaBAREt 2/17/22
58-59 DTA @Lupin 7/7 & 7/9/22
60 Midwinter Festival, Sunsport Naturist CaBAREt 2/17/23

VIIc. Sydney Naturally, Sydney, Australia 1/19/02  (Naked Verses) [see also VIIIh8]
#3 recorded & broadcast by Australian Broadcasting Corporation

"TNS's Opera-Musical Theatre SIG continues to perform opera, musicals, 
and theatrical pieces at naturist events in the first decade of the 2000s. 
Lehrman is an accomplished and respected composer, performer, and director 
who has moved naturist groups in the 21st century toward 
an ever widening array of musical and theatrical endeavors." 

--Mark Storey, Theatre au Naturel, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada: 
Heureka Productions, 2005, p. 16

our newest CD: 
Songs for Naturists:
Live from the Naked Front
performed by 
Helene Williams & Leonard Lehrman 
with Cary Bair  
produced with the kind assistance of 
The Naturist Education Foundation

Review by Paul Rapoport, Going Natural:

"inventive, funny, engaging, and absurd, sometimes all at once...
compiles material recorded in several places, including 
The Naturist Society's Eastern Gathering and Northeast Festival....
Some of the fun lies in Lehrman's explanations to the crowd.  
He is a born raconteur as well as composer, pianist, conductor, 
stage director, producer, and critic. Did you know he has written 
over 175 compositions, from one-minute songs to 
over a dozen operas and musicals?  Among those is a 
Requiem for Hiroshima, with words by Lee Baxandall, the founder of The Naturist Society!

The music offered here, by many composers, moves amongst three themes: 
nudity, Judaism, and politics.
Sometimes naturism shows up in unexpected guises, 
like songs to words by the Irish poet William Butler Yeats 
and the American actor Marlon Brando.   It may even be mixed with politics, 
as in a song about the possibilities of peace through nudity. 
That one [by Mark Levy] offers such immortal lines as 
'Take off your clothes to those you oppose' and 
'Here's the surest way to end a running feud: 
simply approach your adversary in the nude.' 
How's that for subversive!

Further impishness inhabits Tom Lehrer's 'Chanukkah in Santa Monica,'  
with uproarious rhymes for quirky places to hold Jewish holidays.  
Noticing that Lehrer omitted many, Leonard wrote his own
addendum, globally dislocating a bunch more holidays.... 
The highlight is three songs from The Booby Trap
an extended,  in-progress musical with words by Sydney Ross Singer 
(author of Dressed to Kill, an extended argument against wearing bras) and
music by Leonard Lehrman. In these songs we get an extended 
invitation into a fine musical mind--of a composer of songs 
in the tradition of Kurt Weill, Marc Blitzstein, and Leonard Bernstein, 
all of whose music Leonard Lehrman knows well.

The star performer is Helene Williams. 
A fine singer, she masters a variety of styles 
with colour, finesse, and substantial theatricality.... 
Naturist Cary Bair sings a few numbers too, clearly and valiantly....
Where else will you hear 'The Little Jewish Ladies for Buchanan' 
or 'The Naturist Anthem'?  The latter uses the tune 'Simple Gifts.'  
That melody became well known in Aaron Copland's music 
for the ballet Appalachian Spring
Leonard's own superb text deserves equal fame: 
he's as talented a wordsmith as he is a composer." 

High-Quality Entertainers
Helene Williams
Leonard Lehrman
High-Quality Entertainers
VII.  Naturist Performances 
  The Opera-Musical Theater SIG of TNS
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