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High-Quality Entertainers
XV.  Court Street Music -- including our students
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I. Emma Goldman

II. Jewish Music

III. Rosenberg Memorials

IV. Elie Siegmeister
& Martin Luther King

V. Marc Blitzstein
& Leonard Bernstein

VI. Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger

VII. Naturist Perfs

VIII. Leonard Lehrman
Oratorios, Operas, Song Cycles

IX. Long Island
Composers Alliance

X. Mozart, Schubert,
Schumann, Brahms, Debussy

XI. Composers Concordance

XII. Heine & Pushkin

XIII. By & About Women

XIV. Nadia Boulanger

XV. Songs of Love & War

XVI. Court Street Music

XVII. Miscellaneous


Student Recitals
at 33 Court Street, Valley Stream, NY
1    June 28, 2003
2    June 13, 2004
3    June 26, 2005
4    June 17, 2006
5    June 16, 2007
6    June 7, 2008
7    June 27, 2009
8    June 27, 2010
9    June 12, 2011
10  June 2, 2012
11  June 29, 2013
12  June 28, 2014
13  June 21, 2015
14  May 30, 2016
15  June 4, 2017

For videos, go to http://tinyurl.com/CtStMusVideos
Contact usljlehrman@gmail.com or helenespierman@gmail.com
tel. (516) 825-2939
Ijeoma Merenini, voice and composition,
June 2004
Kristian Fajardo, piano
Geraldine Lecessi, voice, songwriting
Tara Zemel, voice, songwriting
Thomas Smith, vocal performance, theory and composition
Vanessa Bright, vocal performance
Jasmine Choi, piano,
February 2006
David Weber,
November 2005
George Mirra, voice, June 2009
Jordan Witter, piano, June 2009
Thomas Smith, voice, theory and composition
June 27, 2009 student recital: Performers: Jordan Witter, Jasmine Choi,
Leonard Lehrman, Ijeoma Merenini, Tom Smith, Helene Williams, George Mirra.
At June 27, 2010 recital, in memory of Susan June Blake:  Anne Mayer-Kristiansen, Daniel Levin,
Bill Propp, Bob Goldberg, Estela Eaton (poet), Barbara Goldberg, Julian Eaton, Leonard Lehrman, Helene Williams, Ijeoma Merenini (singer/composer), Marcia McNair (poet).
Scott Etan Feiner, theory and compo-sition, June 2011
Katie Mazalkov, voice June 2011
Vanessa Hannah Bright, voice, June 2014
Geraldine Lecessi, voice, songwriting (thru 2013)
Left to right: Lloyd Tanedo, piano; Leonard Lehrman, and Karen Gustave, piano and composition, June 2011
At June 12, 2011 Recital: Max Wheat, a friend, Ginger Wheat, another friend, Geri Lecessi*, Annie Tanedo,
Scott Etan Feiner*, Lloyd Tanedo*, another friend, Barbara Goldberg, Helene Wiliams*, Thomas Smith*,
Leonard Lehrman*, Mrs. Mazalkov, Katie Mazalkov*, Mrs.Gustave, Karen Gustave*, Vera Bloch*, Helene Zemel,
Audrey Feiner, Tara Zemel, and Andy Feiner.  *Performer.
    Tara Zemel,
voice, songwriting
READ the article about our June 12, 2011 recital in the LI Herald
June 29, 2013: Performers: Benjamin Spierman, Helene Williams Spierman, Cheyenne Ali, Leonard Lehrman, Vanessa Bright, Thomas Smith.
Vera Bloch, voice, June 2011
June 28, 2014: Performers: Helene Williams Spierman, Leonard Lehrman,
Vanessa Hannah Bright, Thomas Smith, Lauren Levy, Richard Newman.
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READ the article about our June 4, 2017 recital in the LI Herald
Kristian Fajardo, piano
  Photo: Joseph Abate
June 4, 2017: Performers: Helene Williams, Nathaniel S. Lehrman,
Leonard Lehrman, Kurt Behnke, Daniel Hyman.  Photo: Joseph Abate, VS Herald.
Pastor Jack Whritenour
Photo: Helene Williams
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