High-Quality Entertainers
Helene Williams
Leonard Lehrman
High-Quality Entertainers
XIII.  By and About Women
(see also I, VIIIb, IXa10-12)

I. Emma Goldman

II. Jewish Music 

III. Rosenberg Memorials

IV. Elie Siegmeister 
& Martin Luther King

V. Marc Blitzstein 
& Leonard Bernstein

VI. Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger

VII. Naturist Perfs

VIII. Lehrman Oratorios, Operas, 
Song Cycles, Translations

IX. Long Island 
Composers Alliance

X. Mozart, Schubert,
Schumann, Brahms, Debussy

XI. Composers Concordance 

XII. Heine & Pushkin

XIII. By & About Women

XIV. Nadia Boulanger

XV. Songs of Love & War

XVI. Court Street Music

XVII. Miscellaneous


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​XIII a) Songs on Feminist Themes (Deutsch, King, Taylor, Singer, Lehrman)
Bryant Library 3/21/93 LICA

XIII b) Aviva Players
1 Kosciuszko Foundation (Singer, Suskind) 2/4/01  
2 Triad Theater (Spektor) 6/3/02   
3 United Jewish Appeal (Spektor, Lehrman) 6/12/02
4 Kosciuszko Foundation (Berk, L. Boulanger, Hensel, Howe, A. Mahler, C. Schumann) 6/9/04
5 Montauk Library (Boulanger, Mahler, Rodgers, Schumann, Singer, Spektor.) 8/16/08

XIII c) Songs & Settings of Poems By & About Women
1 Great Neck House 3/14/04
2 Long Beach Library 3/28/04

XIII d) The Booby Trap or Off Our Chests - on the link between bras & breast cancer -
musical revue by Leonard Lehrman & Sydney Ross Singer, based on
Singer's A Little Breast Play and The Doctor Is Out
with Helene, Leonard, and Cary Bair

1 Golden Fleece, NYC 5/01 (with Sarvamangala & Peter Kacalanos)
2 Eastern Naturist Gathering, Eastover 9/23/01
3 Eastern Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia NY  8/11/05
4 PeaceSmiths, Amityville 5/19/06* (with Susan Blake)
   Telecast: 10/12 & 10/19/06 1-2 AM Woodbury Cable Channel 20
5 Symposium: 21st Century Music Cabot Hl, Harvard: Overture played by Leonard 6/06
6 NY GreenFest, Ithaca Commons 8/12/07 
7 Eastern Naturist Festival, Empire Haven, Moravia NY  8/8/08
8 Eastern Naturist Gathering, Camp Westmont 6/19/10

Complete (with Susan Blake):
1 First United Methodist Church, Islip NY 5/19/07*
2 Empire Haven, Moravia NY  8/10/07  [posted on YouTube]
3 Custer Institute, Southold (Long Island) NY  8/25/07

In Memory of Susan Blake (1953-2007), with Kathryn Wieckhorst:

4 Womanspace, Senior Center, Great Neck NY  5/17/08* [posted on YouTube]
5  Puffin Cultural Forum, Teaneck NJ 10/19/08+

Radio broadcasts:
6/16-17/05, 5/11-12/06, 5/18-19/06, 3/8-9/07, 10/4-5/07 
after 12 Midnight "Radio Unnameable," Bill Propp, producer,
on WBAI 99.5 FM & wbai.org (w/ & about Susan Blake)  

*part of "Prevention Is the Cure" Week
+part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month