High-Quality Entertainers
Helene Williams
Leonard Lehrman
High-Quality Entertainers
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We Are Innocent - Opus One LP #145 (or CD) available from Helene & Leonard or NCRRC (1988-9)

A Blitzstein Cabaret (w/Ronald Edwards) - Premier Recordings CD #1005 (1990)

Broadway Dreams - songs of Morton Gould & Jerome Moross - Premier Recordings CD #1016 (1991)

Songs of Conscience by Edith Segal and Leonard - cassette (or CD) available from Helene & Leonard (1991)

The William Cullen Bryant Bicentennial Concert - Capstone CD CPS-8623 (1993-4)

A Diamond Jubilee:  Songs of David Diamond -- Even Though the World Keeps Changing -
Albany CD Troy 817 (1994-2005; Ditson Fund awardee)
Songs of Love (Berk, Lehrman, Siegmeister, Singer, Spektor, Tepper) - Capstone CD CPS-8647 (1995)

Solo Piano Works (Cory, Deutsch, Foss, Gould, Hosza, Kraft, Lehrman, Mandelbaum, Musolino, Pleskow, 
Siegmeister, Smith, Suny) - Capstone CD CPS-8661 (1998-9)

More Songs of Love (Broadhurst, Dale, Lehrman, Mandelbaum, Musolino, Siegmeister, Smith, Spektor, 
VunKannon) - Capstone CD CPS-8667 (1999)

10 A Marc Blitzstein Songbook (w/Gregory Mercer & James Sergi) - Original Cast OC 4441 (2001)
(Society for American Music Non-Print Award Grant)

11 The Abel Meeropol Centennial Concert (Engel, Haufrecht, Kalmanoff, Kurka, Lehrman, Mandelbaum,
Robinson, Siegmeister, Weill; with Gregory Mercer, Gregory Rahming, Tara Venditti, 
Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus) - Original Cast OC 6055 (2003)

12 Songs for Naturists: Live from the Naked Front - Naturist Education Foundation  (2004)

13 The Marc Blitzstein Centennial Concert (w/Robert Osborne, Bill Castleman, Victoria Tralongo, Lars Woodul,
Cameron Smith, Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus, Solidarity Singers, Workmen's Circle Chorus) - 
Original Cast OC 6127 (2005)

14 The Elie Siegmeister Centennial CD (w/Lars Woodul, Metropolitan Philharmonic Chorus)
Recorded at Court Street Music, Valley Stream, NY. Original Cast OC 6235 (2008) 

15  An Homage to Robert Schumann (w/ Gregory Mercer), incl. Leonard's Heine Cycle.
Recorded at Court Street Music, Valley Stream, NY.  Available from Helene & Leonard. (2010)

16 Harmonize Your Spirit with My Calm (Music by Lehrman & Joel Mandelbaum with Helene and
          Vladimir Lande conducting the State Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Russia)
          including 8 Russian Songs & "Bloody Kansas" + partial reissue of #7, 8 & 9 above)
          Ravello RR 7951 released Jan. 13, 2016

17 Marc Blitzstein Music for Solo Piano recorded Nov. 4 & 11, 2005 at Queens College
        Released in London, Feb. 1, 2019   Toccata Classics 0438


I. Emma Goldman

II. Jewish Music 

III. Rosenberg Memorials

IV. Elie Siegmeister 
& Martin Luther King

V. Marc Blitzstein 
& Leonard Bernstein

VI. Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger

VII. Naturist Perfs

VIII.Lehrman Oratorios, Operas, Song Cycles, Translations

IX. Long Island 
Composers Alliance

X. Mozart, Schubert,
Schumann, Brahms, Debussy

XI. Composers Concordance 

XII. Heine & Pushkin

XIII. By & About Women

XIV. Nadia Boulanger

XV. Court Street Music

XVI. Miscellaneous


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