I.  Emma Goldman

II.  Jewish Music

III.  Rosenberg Memorials

IV.  Elie Siegmeister & Martin Luther King

V.  Marc Blitzstein & Leonard Bernstein

VI.  Earl Robinson & Pete Seeger

VII.  Naturist Performances

VIII.  Leonard Lehrman Oratorios, Operas, Song Cycles

IX.  Long Island Composers Alliance

X.  Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Debussy

XI.  Composers Concordance

XII.  Heine & Pushkin

XIII.  By and About Women

XIV.   Nadia Boulanger

XV.  Songs of Love & War

XVI  Court Street Music

XVII.  Miscellaneous

High-Quality Entertainers
Helene Williams
Leonard Lehrman
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High-Quality Entertainers
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Total Performances: 640 (+ 15 recordings)
High-Quality Entertainers
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